• About Us

    Luke Yoga Corporate Wellness is customized to your unique business needs.

    But what exactly does this mean?

    We personalize our services to your company goals, challenges, and needs.
    Resulting in guaranteed increased productivity, reduced stress, and improved company culture.
    Because today's workforce now seeks more than just a job -
    They require an employer that sees them as an asset.
    Luke Yoga Corporate Wellness is your opportunity to both attract and retain valuable employees that are with your company for the long run.

    Our virtual & onsite wellness programs will empower your employees to reset manually and approach the next task with motivation and energy.
    Our workplace stress management programs will calm the minds of your team.
    Our yoga, meditation/hypnosis, and wellness programs will increase productivity and camaraderie.
    And our customized approach will promote joy while decreasing healthcare costs.
    We are graciously and joyously prepared to help your business provide the ultimate benefit package for their employees.
    Contact us today to learn more about customizing your workplace stress management approach.
    Through system that works!

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    Meet your Corporate Wellness Director,


    Luke Lintott, M.S., PPS

    Lifestyle Consultant

    Personal Trainer

    & Yoga Teacher


    Luke is ready to help you increase worker productivity, reduce burnout, and improve company culture!

    Luke Lintott is a Lifestyle Consultant based in San Diego, CA. Luke received his MS in Counseling, & is a certified yoga teacher and personal trainer.


    Yoga, fitness, meditation, hypnosis, and a supportive community empowered Luke to radically accept himself, improve joy and focus, and authentically connect with himself and others. His identities as someone who is an intuitive creative, mixed-race (White & Native American), and queer-identified strengthen his ability to empower businesses to improve culture, energy, and creativity. Furthermore, Luke's experiences working in non-profits, the educational field and Academic Human Resource for over 10 years strengthen further strengthen his expertise in directing wellness programs that work.


    His strong track record helping businesses improve workplace culture, reduce burnout, and improve productivity reflect his passion for comprehensive workplace wellness


    Through his transformative Corporate Wellness program, he offers you the opportunity to exceed your business goals effectively and efficiently. In addition to improving worker productivity and decreasing healthcare costs, his program results in less stress and more fun!


    As Luke's solid client testimonials show, his Corporate Wellness program guarantees that you'll increase energy & innovation while decreasing burnout.


    Luke teaches students and trainers across the globe, and my articles have been featured online in Medium.


    You can schedule your Wellness Consultation with Luke Lintott here.

  • Results of Luke Yoga Corporate Wellness

    See how we've cared for others

    Decreased stress

    & more joy & creativity at the workplace

    Authentic connections

    That improve retention of valuable employees

    Improved employee productivity

    To get more tasks done, faster

    Improved employee retention

    Happy employees stay loyal to your company and attract new, valuable employees

    Reduced healthcare costs

    For every $1 that a company spends on wellness, its medical bills drop by $3.27 (300% ROI)

    Enhanced Company Culture

    Resulting in improved camaraderie, innovation & creativity in the workplace

  • Current & Past Clients

    Who've already had the pleasure of increasing joy and decreasing stress in the workplace!

    Lululemon Atheltica

    Lotus & Luna

    Helix Charter High School

    Club Pilates

  • Praise

    See what people are saying about Luke Yoga Corporate Wellness

    I feel energetic and more confident.

    The hypnosis, affirmations, intermittent fasting have been wonderful for me.

    I am on the path to find my soulmate, Luke and Q are so supportive!

    I highly recommend this program.


    Great is an understatement for working with Luke.

    Joining Luke’s program was one of the best decisions I could have made during quarantine.


    Luke is extremely knowledgeable in his practice. He teaches you about the benefits of every pose and movement, and is patient while you learn.


    As a beginner, I appreciate the private lessons from him to learn proper form. He is also really understanding in being able to target muscle groups that may be over or under-worked in order to restore balance!


    Thank you Luke for everything!"



    Luke is a person with a very special energy, and he brought that energy and passion to his class all the time.

    And Luke is a guy with broad insight not only in physical exercise, but also in spirituality, energy, lifestyle, and motivation.


    So classes with him always inspired me and brought me peace of mind.


    That's why I don't hesitate to call him my role model.


    I deeply admire all the personal and professional development and growth he has made.



    In the whole time we’ve been working together, I’ve passed all 3 of my exams.

    What gets scheduled gets done. I scheduled exercise time and I did it.

    I really liked the hypnosis, working with Q, and the group coaching.

    I am strategic with my time, and the things that need to get done and must get done are on my calendar.



    Luke has such great energy he emits, wisdom he teaches, and inspires me to be a better version of myself every class!

    Coming to your class is more than just a great workout, it’s a spiritual healing, starting the week off right, in a positive mindset, and giving myself power to conquer the week ahead.



    “Luke’s program has helped encourage me to believe in myself,

    manifest the life I want,

    and has helped me become more flexible in body and in mind.”