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    Because when employees are treated like people, they are more likely to meet their KPIs.


    Personalized corporate wellness programs are also good for your bottom line, as they typically have a 300% ROI in decreased medical costs, and a 270% decrease in costs related to worker absenteeism (Harvard Business Review, 2014).


    Get ahead of the curve now to keep the health and wellness of your staff a top priority.


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    Virtual Wellness

    Online wellness for remote employees

    Keeping remote staff engaged can be challenging. We're here to create an engaging work environment for remote and hybrid teams through personalized virtual wellness programs that result in improved focus, camaraderie & joy anyplace, anywhere.

    Meditation & Hypnosis

    To reduce stress, increase motivation, and improve productivity.

    Incorporating meditation & hypnosis to your workplace is a great way to help employees manage their stress levels and practice mindfulness. Our meditation, hypnosis and breath work experts will help your staff get out of their heads and into the present moment, which typically results in increased productivity and improved attitude.

    Yoga & Fitness

    To improve employee recruitment, retention, and improve corporate culture

    Outstanding virtual and in-person yoga classes equip your workforce with the tools they need to process stress naturally – ultimately resulting in refreshed and relaxed employees. This improves your company culture, and aids in recruiting and retaining valuable employees.